Lucketts refurbish coach park surface

Lucketts Travel Group is to replace the tarmac on its coach park at its Fareham HQ with block paving stones. According to the company, laying out this new surface on its 1,000 square meters of coach parking space will make it significantly more durable, resilient and easier to clean. It also has the added benefit of being better to replace as small sections can be repaired without creating a patchwork effect. It is estimated that the entire area will be resurfaced in around three weeks at a cost of around £70,000.

Director of The Lucketts Travel Group, Steve Luckett, said, ‘It might sound like a lot of money for a coach park surface, but we really are investing in the long term future of our company. As a family firm we’ve been around for the last 80 years, and plan on being at our Fareham HQ for decades to come. The new block paving has a long lifetime, and is the perfect surface on which to park millions of pounds of modern luxury coaches.’


Lucketts to create 25 new jobs

Lucketts Travel Group has announced it is to carry out a major expansion of its workforce. The company is looking to create another 25 new jobs, which will increase the number of staff it employs by 10%. It has continued to grow its business, recently winning a number of contracts with National Express. There are already 275 people working for the family owned firm, the majority driving a fleet of over 100 coaches. This latest recruitment drive sees it looking for more drivers. New staff will be taken through an intensive course at Lucketts Driver Training Academy, where they will attain the relevant licenses and certification. They will also learn the latest safe driving techniques and skills that increase customer comfort whilst also cutting emissions.

MD of Lucketts Travel Group, Steve Luckett, said, ‘We’re constantly reading in the newspapers how hard it is for people to find decent jobs. Here we are offering 25 people the chance to learn valuable new skills, and build a career with a company that cares about them and their development. With more than eight out of ten people who’ve been through our Driver Training Academy staying with Lucketts for years afterwards we know it’s a good place to work. I’m excited that even more people now have the chance to join our team of highly motivated drivers, offering our customers the best possible service.’