Freight Transport Association talks Driver CPC

Driver CPC needs to be improved, but we should be careful what we wish for in changes arising from the Driver Training Directive, according to the Freight Transport Association (FTA). Adding additional constraints could prevent responsible, professional vehicle operators from training drivers in the knowledge and skills they need to do their job effectively, claims the FTA. The comments came in the Association’s response to the Driving Standards Agency’s consultation on the Driver Training Directive as it prepares to submit its own thoughts on the regime on the behalf of the UK government.
FTA’s Head of Road Freight and Enforcement Policy, James Firth, said, ‘Driver CPC was brought in to raise standards across the industry, but many responsible vehicle operators were already developing their drivers’ knowledge and skills before the European Directive came along. When it came into force these operators had to make their existing high quality training conform to the administrative requirements of Brussels. The UK government was right to implement a flexible interpretation of the requirements when Driver CPC started back in 2008, but it means that any changes to the Directive which the Commission may be planning will have a direct impact on training courses on the ground.’
FTA also warned against allowing Brussels to dictate exactly what a driver should be trained in. Firth said, ‘The problem with one-size-fits-all is it usually becomes one-size-fits nobody very well. If the specific training content is defined by politicians – either in Brussels or Westminster – we run the risk of every driver investing time and money on redundant training. For instance a driver in the retail sector should not be forcibly required to be trained in loading and securing aggregates. There is certainly a challenge still in engaging drivers fully with DCPC, but insisting upon irrelevant training is a sure-fire way to alienate them further.’


VOSA updates at FTA event

Updates from VOSA will be one of the highlights of the 2013 Freight Transport Association’s (FTA) Transport Manager Conferences. VOSA will discuss ‘new ways of working with the industry’ and how transport managers can apply best practice to avoid becoming targets of enforcement. Venues and dates include: 11 September, Brands Hatch; 18 September, Durham; 25 September, Warrington; 2 October, Leeds; 8 October, Taunton; 16 October, Huntingdon; 23 October, Chepstow; 30 October, Dunblane; 6 November, Sheffield; 13 November, Southampton; 20 November, Slough; 27 November, Crawley and 4 December, Birmingham. The price for FTA members is £325 plus VAT for the first delegate and £275 plus VAT for subsequent delegates; the cost for non-members is £385 plus VAT for the first delegate and £345 plus VAT for subsequent delegates.

To book a place, e-mail , complete the online booking form at or call 08717 11 22 22.