Cardiff trials hybrids


Cardiff Bus has trialled an ADL Enviro350H hybrid as part of its new vehicle investment programme. The manufacturer promises fuel savings over a conventional diesel bus and a reduction of between 30% and 40% of CO2 emissions. According to the operator, feedback from the test from staff and customers has been favourable, with passengers being particularly impressed with the environmental credentials of the vehicle. The trials continue, with a decision soon due to be made on vehicles to purchase.

Engineering Director, at Cardiff Bus, Gareth Mole, said, ‘We have been trialling new vehicles over the last few months so that we can make an informed decision on which ones to purchase as part of our planned investment programme. One of these has been the ADL hybrid vehicle which we have received great feedback on. Hybrid vehicles are in operation around the UK and are sure to become more prevalent due to the benefits they bring in terms of fuel savings and reducing emissions. As well as providing benefits due to the current economic situation, this also fits in well with our aims to be a sustainable and efficient transport operator.’

Pic: (LtoR) Chairman of Cardiff Bus, Ben Thomas and MD of Cardiff Bus, Cynthia Ogbonna.