Citaros for Go NE

Go North East has added 11 new Mercedes-Benz Citaros to its fleet. They have entered service on ‘Connections 4’, the Go-Ahead owned operator’s freshly re-branded M1 service connecting Houghton-le-Spring, Washington, Concord and Heworth. The vehicles have audio visual next stop announcements, free wi-fi and high back seats. They will provide a service up to every ten minutes during the day on Mondays to Saturdays, up to every 15 minutes on Sundays and every 30 minutes during the evening. A marketing campaign to promote the service is under way, with households along the route receiving information leaflets.
Marketing and Sales Manager at Go North East, Stephen King, said, ‘We’ve invested more than £2m in new buses based at our local depot in Washington for one of our most popular routes. We’re delighted to be bringing a new, fresh brand for Connections 4, with a new, modern metallic blue livery. Connections 4 plays a key role in getting people to work, school, college, shopping and leisure in Washington and Houghton, plus it’s easy to connect onto Red Arrows buses for journeys towards Gateshead and Newcastle, with a weekly ticket starting from just £18 for commuters from Fatfield to Newcastle.’


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