OmniExpress manufacturer bankrupt

It has been reported that the Finnish coachwork manufacturer, Lahden Autokori, which builds the OmniExpress range under contract to Scania, filed for bankruptcy on 11 September with debts of around EUROS10m. Finnish press reports cite a decision by Scania to transfer production of the OmniExpress to Poland with effect from July 2014 as the reason behind the move and that Lahden has announced the dismissal of its entire staff of about 200 employees. Lahden proprietor, Juhani Saario told that Scania’s decision was a surprise, as production had been increased from 200 units to 300 units this year with the prospect of more. He sees no possibility of replacing Scania production with other contracts. The Finnish factory was built in 2007 specifically to handle the OmniExpress.

The following statement was made by Klas Dahlberg, Senior Vice President, Head of Scania Buses & Coaches, to Scania’s sales organisation: ‘With reference to today’s announcement from Lahden Autokori I would like to inform you that Scania is taking actions in order to secure the deliveries of the Scania OmniExpress to all our customers. We have asked your sales team to inform involved customers about the situation and that Scania will secure deliveries according to plan. It’s also Scania’s intention to proceed with the sales and marketing of the Scania OmniExpress as soon as we have come to an agreement with the parties involved. Further information will be provided.’


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